Grant Mackay Music


A Versatile Music Artist

Grant Mackay has always been an adventurous musical artist, who has explored classical, jazz, rock, world, and electronic music. A well-rounded artist, he also has experience in conducting small chamber ensembles. His numerous releases feature his synthesizer work, nature sounds and orchestral and world music instruments.

Orange Electric Guitar

Grant Mackay Plays a Variety of Instruments, Including:

  • Piano/Synthesizer
  • Electric/Acoustic Guitars
  • Baritone Saxophone
  • Bass Clarinet/Clarinet
  • Mŕdangam (a South Indian Drum)

To explore and experience Grant Mackay’s music, you can purchase his albums through his Bandcamp website, Amazon, eBay, and Discogs, or stream them via Spotify and Apple Music.

Music Recordings Available from Grant Mackay

Wedding March for String Quartet (Single Track 2022)

This track was written in honour of my first wedding. It was performed and recorded live at the ceremony in July 1991. This track was remastered in 2021 from the original DAT (digital audio tape) and will be part of the upcoming album, “Classical Weather in a Modern Vane” scheduled for release in 2023.
Wedding March for String Quartet
Released September 22, 2022.
Composed by: Grant Mackay

1st and 2nd violins: ?
Viola: Anthony Rapoport
Cello: Anthony Christie

Recording Engineer: Grant Mackay

Available from my Bandcamp Website: LINK HERE

Music Recordings Available from Stephen Bacchus

Of Magicks, Myths & Mortals (2022 New Release)

Past lives, reincarnation, magic, Druids, the Celts, and other worlds were all themes Stephen Bacchus had composed for his two earlier releases, Ancient Mysteries (1994) and Bardo (1996). It was because of these two albums that the commission for Of Magicks, Myths & Mortals, and The Serpent’s Egg came about.

In 2000, Stephen Bacchus was specially commissioned by Frog and Nightgown Theatre Productions to compose incidental music and soundscapes for a theatrical performance of the play “Of Magicks, Myths & Mortals and The Serpent’s Egg. This album is the first time the complete incidental music to this play has ever been released. Fully remixed and remastered.

(From the original press release about the play):
“…Three druid preistesses to guide them…Two spellbinding stories of magical worlds where anything might happen…One hero to save the world from ultimate destruction…”

Composed, sequenced and recorded in 2000 at Cadorna Sound, Toronto.

Remixed and remastered in the spring of 2022 at Camborne Sound, Camborne, Ontario, Canada.

Design & layout: Grant Mackay
Special thanks to: MaryAnne Mackay

Of Magicks, Myths & Mortals (2022 New Release)

Listen/Purchase at my website on Bandcamp: LINK HERE

The Memory Tap (2021)

This album “taps” into the artist’s most distant sound and music memory. What drew Bacchus into the world of “aural” art first was sound before music. In the early 1970s, he began to compose in Musique Concrete (the experimental technique of musical composition using recorded sounds as raw material). From there, he expanded into experimental electronic music and modern music (or classical Avant-guard). Sound and music have always been Stephen Bacchus’ vehicles for discovering new realms of the unknown within. “The Memory Tap” as a whole is a reintegration of the artist’s earlier sound and music explorations into his overall composer identity.

The Memory Tap

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“Deep, beautiful, often heady, The Memory Tap is an album to be celebrated.” Read Full Review Here

– Ibrahim Khider, internet broadcaster/online reviewer

“It is dreamy. It is majestic, inspirational, powerful, and it is visionary” 

– Tim Clement, composer

“A standout in the field.”

– Scott Mackay, Science Fiction author

“Spacious music…delivered with ambient shifts of tone and meaning”

– Beck H.

“…warmly ambient, fusion inspired and listenable…very meditative”

— Renee Gelpi – Interplanetary Radio Group

Hiatus (2020)

This album gets its title from the hiatus Bacchus would take between albums. During these long breaks, the artist continued to write individual tracks, and now for the first time, they have been compiled into a full album!


A digital-only release, these tracks are available as downloads or streaming exclusively on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Google Music, and now Bandcamp!

Listen/Purchase at my website on Bandcamp: LINK HERE